Diesel cetane number improver

Diesel cetane value is the important index of diesel quality, and it can show the combustibility of the diesel in engine. The product we developed has been successfully used in Liaoyang Petrochemical and Fiber Co., Ltd., Anshan refinery, etc.
It is made by the reaction of ethanol and nitric acid with the catalyst of sulphuric acid and series of treatment process. It is not easy to be hydrolyzed with well stability. It can be stored in the room temperature to 35℃.
1. Quality standard



      Test method


> 98     


Density 20℃g/cm3  



Acidity  mgKOH/g calculated HNO3 



Moisture %

< 0.05


Flash point(Closed)℃

> 76 



Colorless or light yellow liquid

2. Use:
It is mainly used in cetane number improver with the adding amount 0.1-0.2% of this product can increase 2.3-4.5 units positive effect and proper adding can increase 10-12 units.
3. Packing,storage, transportation and notice:
Packing: Galvanized drum.
Storage and transportation: Transport it as the rules of non-dangerous goods.
Notice: Store at cool and ventilated place. Avoid shaking.